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How To Improve On CM12 & Theme For XPERIA S March 24, 2015

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Here’s a rather simple but highly effective way to drastically improve on the theme UI of your rooted Sony XPERIA S. After extensive testing such combination on my XPERIA, it is proven to improve both the CM12’s UI stability and fluidity.

First thing first, get your XPERIA S (or any device) that’s rooted and flashed with the CyanogenMod CM12 (Lollipop), then download with the J Blue Ice CM12 Theme from Play Store. Installed it and run it to make sure the blue theme is stable on your phone.
Then, proceed to download from Play Store the MiHome Launcher and install it on your device.

After switching over to the MiHome Launcher, Don’t apply any Mi Theme and just leave it on its Default. Also, go over to the MiHome Launcher Setting and OFF its Lock Screen function. (That means, your device is still on the CM theme’s lock screen or if you prefer the Xiaomi lock screen).

There you go, such UI combination will give you the highly efficient MiHome launcher UI, yet you will retain the essential CM J Blue Ice theme pull down drawer, nice lock screen, notification, status bar, theme wallpaper etc.

The end result:
1.  Great improvement of Ram management for running apps! (This is the greatest surprise for me).

2.  Much much smoother UI fluidity then the default launcher embedded with the CM12 rom.

3.  Improved UI style. Best of both worlds ~ CM theme & MiHome. And also, mix use of CM12 and Xiaomi icons…

Appended below are the photo images of the them UI combination been applied,

CM12 Lock Screen,



Choose J Blue Ice Cm12 Theme,


MiHome Launcher,



Don’t apply any Mi Theme … (Just leave it on default)


Then you will have a combination of Xiaomi and J Blue Ice Cm12 theme icons… As well as a combination of both theme UI. Isn’t that great?







Lollipop essence is still the underlaying function …


There’s more potential for such combination of Xiaomi and other CM theme UIs…



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