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Quick Review: Pebble Watch vs Apple Watch June 28, 2015

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Now that Apple Watch is being released to the market in Apple Stores in many countries, this is the time for the moment of truth, by comparing both the Apple Watch and the humble Original Pebble watch.


Apple Watch ~
1. A fashion statement more than anything.
2. Costs too much for simple functionality.
3. Feel-good factor if you wear one to meet your friends. (Other smart watches can’t achieve this).
4. If you are successful, go for the 18K gold version.

Now what about Pebble watch?


Original Pebble watch ~
Simply put, you only need to realize the following… Facts.
What Pebble can do that Apple can’t?

1.  Long lasting battery juices! (Between 4 – 5 days).
2.  Thousands of 3rd party applications for download.
3.  Value for money ~ many good functionalities.
4.  Room for customization.
5.  Screen On all the time!
6.  Dammed clear under bright sun light!
7.  Take it for a swim in the pool or sea. (Not for diving).
8. Unlimited watch face you can create…

Shortcomings:    Monochrome, no touch screen.

Highlight:    Original Pebble with steel bracelet.  (See images below)






Keep it up, Pebble team!
To grow Pebble community, give them the constant firmware updates… Like what Google did to Nexus.



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