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Put Your HTC One (M7) On CyanogenMod CM11 & Let’s Rock July 18, 2015

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For those who are still holding on faithfully to your HTC One (M7), it’s time to root it and try out the CyanogenMod custom rom.  Though now the Android version 5.0 is already out, but from feedback it may not be that stable yet, as it is on the ART runtime instead of Dalvik.

So you can try out the CM 11 (Android 4.4.4) which is stable by now.


It is also not a bad idea to try out downloading the Xiaomi MIUI launcher UI & themes (MiHome version 3.8.0) on the device.
Both (CM 11 and MiHome) paired UI rather well without issue.


Above:  MiHome MIUI Lock screen.




OS/rom is built on CyanogenMod CM11 with Android 4.4.4 KitKat:



For the rather controversial UltraPixel camera, you can further improve it by downloading the latest Lenovo Super Camera apk as the main camera. The result is really good.

And of course, the HTC One’s solid 468ppi screen and audio sound (especially if you spend some money to get a good earpiece) would not disappoint you.

For FM radio, CM 11 doesn’t provide the app. Just download the TuneIn Radio will do. With WiFi on, there’s no need to plug in a earpiece (!) and you can still tune in and enjoy radio programs via the device’s external speakers. That’s not quite possible with other phones out there.

Yeah, not to forget to also download (optional) CPU Control app from Google Play Store, you should try scaling down the clock speed a bit lower and try out different combinations of Governors and I/O Schedulers. Also to carry out calibration of battery charging, and clean up (wipe) cache partition 💩… That should help to reduce battery heat up (a common HTC problem) and make it lasts longer in the day.




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