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Is The Pebble App/OS V3.12 Update for Original Pebble Good Enough? May 12, 2016

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Those who own the Original (Classic) Pebble smart watch should finally receive the more advanced OS update comes with Timeline and some new features.

The update instruction can be found on the web:



More importantly is how’s the update fair?
Here’s the brief opinion.



~ before executing the update, make sure to factory reset the device as well as plug in to the power source to put the device on charging mode.
~ first round of new OS update may not work out smoothly, some apps may forced close. If encounters such problems, reinstall the updated OS again.
~ in the process, you may have to shut down and restart the Pebble a few times in order to make things work, really.
~ but once the updated OS “settled in”, everything works fine! That’s to my surprise.
~ as the new OS UI is different from the old one, you need a while to familiarize with it.
~ the Notification works much better than the older version and the  Timeline feature is highly productive stuff.
~ now one can explore more Pebble apps on this updated OS. Especially health tracking apps.
~ the battery charging of Pebble seems to be faster by 30% or so. Probably due to the updated firmware.

All in all, don’t wait; quickly go for the update!







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